We are innovative. We aim to deliver. We are diverse.

We are Diverse Technology Industrial – an industrial and commercial flooring corporation based in Northern California. Founded in 2014, we’re growing rapidly with an amazing, dynamic team. We work hard, we love having fun, and yes we are all about these resinous surfacing solutions. We have set out to accomplish great things and we are changing the industry!

Diverse Technology Industrial is different. We are an industrial flooring company that specializes in resinous flooring, coatings, epoxy, concrete polishing, and staining, and even custom applications you will inspire. We are passionate about what we do to a fault, working to be America’s Leader in Industrial Resinous Flooring. We believe there are more innovative ways to bring these products to you. Your loyalty is something worth earning.

We reinvest into our organization, and in our culture and with our brand. The end result is the Diverse Technology Industrial you are seeing today – a growing, ever-learning organism seeking to be better – for our customers, our products, and our teams. Above all, the quality of our relationships with our clients is paramount to our success. Our objectives are grounded in quality service and integrity.

Our Services

We value the importance of developing relationships with our clients to understand the immediate needs of a project, time lines, and project budgets.

We have the resources and experience to make all your flooring projects a success. We understand every circumstance surrounding the reality of each project.

Consulting Services

Each company is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches limit your business’ full potential. We tailor solutions to fit – your industry, your culture, and your one-of-a-kind challenges.

Construction Management

Our years of combined experience managing projects of every size and our extensive industry relationships provides you with an advantage.

Our Process

We ask the right questions to better understand your needs and requirements. We are able to evaluate existing conditions surrounding your floor surface. We design and install a surface that meets your specifications, performs to your expectations, and works within your budget.

On Demand

Our solid track record exists because of our firm’s ability to provide excellence from start-to-finish.

We are earning the respect of industry professionals because we match project requirements with practical solutions that meet both aesthetic and functional demands.

Clients as Partners

The biggest achievements happen when everyone operates as a unit with common goals. Our success is measured as a team, putting ourselves on the same side of the table with our clients.

Our Culture

We take much care in our foundation upon which everything is being built, that we don’t clutter it up complicated structures.

At our core is a shared set of values which guide key decisions, from the talent we acquire and companies we work with to how we execute the business.

“Surround yourself with people who want to see you win.” – Alexi Cortez


Ask our employees and you’ll quickly find out how the people who make our business what it is feel that what they do is important, whether their ideas matter and what our true focus is.

The Office

Today’s thrives best in spaces that inspire innovation and excellence. Diverse Technology Industrial is ever working to create the atmosphere that encourages the best in everyone.


We believe a strong community helps build better businesses. This is why Diverse Technology Industrial is part of the community through charitable partnerships. Please inquire to find out more.

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