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A dimly lit interior winery room, with finished concrete, epoxy, polished floors, wine, barrels along the sides, in bespoke stone wall.
A community center building, with epoxy, laminate flooring, large bright open windows in the distance.
A computer server room, with specialized industrial grade epoxy concrete flooring.
A large government building foyer, with epoxy, concrete, sealed, laminate flooring, in a brightly lit space with large windows in the distance
An industrial building interior work in progress, with finished, concrete, polished floors.
Sealed concrete flooring, set in a commercial, small building, with light shafts and reflections running along the sidewalk, taken at an angle
Epoxy, sealed, concrete flooring, with a slight brown tint, set in a small interior room space, with the floors, reflecting the overhead lighting
Epoxy garage flooring in a residential space, upscale high-end interior
Outdoor line striping in a commercial space parking lot, with buildings along the sides, several cars parked in the distance, taken during the day with a clear sky