Industrial line marking is the dual-purpose indicator used in distribution centers, warehouses, parking garages and more. First, floor marking is used to improve storage efficiency by clearly designating areas. Second, demarcation is provided for pedestrian access routes, vehicle paths of travel, and no access zones – critical guides of separation for required safety.

At Diverse Technology Industrial, Inc., we provide lasting stripes by using state of the art equipment and superior polymer technology that achieve long life cycles, resulting in reductions of down time. Precision mechanical preparation methods are used combined typically with urethane resin technology to provide high performing solutions. Vehicle impact on line striping is greatly mitigated with the use of the low-profile line imbed method. Additionally the coating forms excellent adhesion with the prepared surface, making an incredibly tough bond.

ADA requirements can also play a role in the use of line striping. Diverse Technology Industrial can survey areas to determine where a substrate may require leveling to bring an area into ADA compliance. Let us know how we can assist you.

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