Diverse Technology Industrial offers a range of decorative, seamless solutions. The basic color quartz and color flake finish systems are suitable for both decorative and practical purposes. From here we offer greater complexity to the decorative design with metallics and specialized pigments, to unique, imported aggregates tailored to fit your vision and brand (contact us for more details). All our decorative floor systems restore worn or pitted concrete substrates, or replace other floor coverings that are just not meeting your expectations, adding more appeal and increasing functionality. These finishes are ideal options in light and medium duty traffic areas such as schools, lobby areas, aisle ways, restrooms and locker rooms, cafeterias, clean rooms, packaging and manufacturing areas, and laboratories. Available in smooth finishes and a range of textures.

Each project presents various and sometimes unique challenges. Diverse Technology Industrial matches up the look you wanr with the performance you need, identifying solutions and systems that achieve your desired results. Whether harsh, industrial conditions are in play or basic commercial surfaces are desired, we provide the right level of protection required. Our team at Diverse Technology Industrial, Inc. offers high quality industrial and commercial surfaces, dedicated to providing ever improving craftsmanship. We strive to deliver quality service and leadership through our sales team to our industry-trained application division. We move your vision from conception to reality.


Decorative quartz typically comes in two sizes, medium and fine, and in solid colors or twenty standard blends. Custom colors and blends are available offering a myriad of design combinations to suit your creativity.

Solid Fine Medium


Flake come in many different sizes and color options, from standard colors to phosphorescents (glow-in-the-dark), to natural micas for a more organic appearance. The options are truly countless.

1/4″ Flake 1/8″ Flake 1/16″ Flake


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