Polished Concrete by Diversified Technology Industrial enhances a concrete surface by processing the surface with grinding, honing, and polishing techniques. These techniques utilize a series of steps that turn your plain concrete into a polished and attractive surface. Metal and resin bonded diamond abrasives are used to mechanically smooth the concrete. Densifiers are applied that fill in the capillaries of the concrete to achieve that sealed and “glassy” appearance. These methods are designed to attain the following results:

  • Dramatically increase a floor’s life cycle.                                                                        
  • Improve aesthetics.
  • Improve resistance to damage from water & abrasions.
  • Increase co-efficient of friction.
  • Increase light reflectivity.
  • Reduce concrete dusting and wear.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and requirements.

Polished Concrete is specified by grade (level of cut), and class (level of shine).  Color dyes can also be used for additional decorative features.


The Grade of the floor represents the amount of aggregate that will be exposed at the surface. The higher the Grade, the greater the amount of aggregate showing.

Cream Salt & Pepper Aggregate


The Class of the floor represents the amount of reflectivity or shine that will be visible at the surface. The higher the Class, the greater the level of reflectivity or shine.

Lo-Sheen Semi-Gloss High-Gloss

All concrete substrates are not created equal. Diverse Technology Industrial will design a finish that meets your expectations whether a brand new pour or utilizing an existing slab. Let our experience guide you through the process.

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