Are Epoxy Floorings Slippery and How to Make it Skid Resistant?

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When it rains, the slickness of epoxy flooring and other floor coatings is a major concern. Many anti-slip additives, such as aluminum oxide, sand, or polymer-based grit like shark grip, are recommended by manufacturers. Epoxy, polyurethane, and polyurethane floor coatings are non-porous, resulting in a surface being so smooth. Even though this type of

Is Epoxy Flooring Durable and Scratch Resistant?

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Whether you're looking for flooring for your home or your business, you want something that will last and can handle whatever you throw at it. You might want your garage to look clean and shiny. Your business might have a showroom where the way it looks is very important to keep customers interested. There

How to Get Your Epoxy Flooring Done on Budget

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Epoxy flooring is a popular choice for commercial buildings. It has many benefits, and when put together, makes the space look better and more useful. Before you make any decisions, you should make sure you know everything that can change the price of epoxy resin flooring projects. After all, price is always an important

Everything That You Need to Know About Decorative Epoxy Flooring

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Decorative Epoxy flooring is a popular residential, commercial, and industrial flooring solution. Most epoxy floor coatings are two-part systems with a resin (Part A) and a hardener (Part B). Coatings use flow control, UV inhibitors, adhesion promoters, and accelerators. They work well in a wide range of flooring applications. It is possible to modify

Epoxy Floors – An Easy Maintenance Guide

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Epoxy floor coating is durable and used for a variety of purposes. This flooring is often used in sunrooms, garages, warehouses, and high-traffic halls and walkways. Because it is so durable, an epoxy floor surface works well in areas of a workshop where heavy machinery is used. If you know what you're doing, epoxy

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